I work as a freelance author and a filmmaker. I also serve in the production department and as an assistant director.

Some of the projects I worked on:

Vite Coraggiose (advertisment) by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, with Giuseppe Fiorello – Iterfilm srl – 2nd AD (2016)

The State Of Souls (Animation) by Peter Marcias – Capetown srl – Assistant Producer (2016)

On Being Gigione (Documentary) by Valerio Vestoso – Capetown srl – Assistant Producer (2016/2017)

Full English Breakfast (Short Film) by Prajwal Shivanna – Independent Production – 1st AD (2017)

Recess Behind an Oak (Short Film) by Jacopo Giulini – Independent Production – 1st AD (2017)

Afloat (Short Film) by Indiana Caudillo Martinez – Independent Production – Production Manager (2017)

Alter Ego (Short Film) by Andrea Gentile – Independent Production – 1st AD (2018)

La Guerra é Finita (TV Series) by Michele Soavi – Palomar SPA & RAI Fiction – Production Assistant (2020)